Gift Voucher

A most relaxing gift.

Give a Beautiful Gift!

Gift vouchers come in various amounts. Just let me know what you would like to give!

What Can I Get on a Voucher?

  • 1 x Reiki or Reflexology session, 1 hr appointment – £50 voucher
  • 1 x ReikiReflex Deluxe – a fabulous 90-minute appointment where you can experience Reflexology which checks and addresses imbalances in the body, then Reiki, offering a deeper and totally relaxing healing session – £75 voucher
  • 1 x Havening Techniques session – A life-changing gift for someone who is ready to address an issue they have been carrying that is holding them back. This appointment takes up to two hours. I need to talk to the recipient beforehand. £125 voucher

Multiple Sessions:

  • BLOCK: 3 x 1 hr sessions of Reiki or Reflexology, – 20% off! £120 voucher
  • BLOCK: 5 x Reiki or  Reflexology sessions, 1 hr appointments – £250 – get a free bonus session!

Please read Terms & Conditions before booking. Gift vouchers can be emailed or sent by post. Make sure we have the delivery address correct. Recipient can choose treatment option as long as correct amount has been paid in advance.