A wonderfully relaxing complementary therapy in which pressure is applied to specific points on the hands or feet.

What is reflexology?

Association of Reflexologists DiagramThe purpose is to:

  • identify areas of imbalance
  • restore the natural balance of the body
  • encourage the body to heal itself

In the feet, we have millions of nerve endings that can relay messages to and from the whole of the body. It has been shown that working on specific reflex points on the foot can have a direct positive effect on body parts all the way up and down the body.

Reflexology should not be uncomfortable – I work with you to ensure your comfort and to assess feedback at every stage.
Your experience will be tailor-made and unique to you. *And everyone who came to me thinking they couldn’t stand it because they were too ticklish found that not to be the case!

A trained reflexologist will be able to detect minute crystal deposits on the feet, and can feel when some reflex points are more sensitive than others which can indicate imbalances. We could look upon the feet as the U-bend of the body! The vital energy pathways of the body can become stagnant and blocked due to illness, stress or injury, and working on these imbalances will restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium.

My clients have reported that tension and stress are eased, circulation and elimination is improved, and a heightened sense of well-being and restored energy is found.

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Reflexology and Reiki treatments can be taken separately or mixed together!

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