Everything is Energy!

Everything!- You, me, the chair you sit on, the table, -all composed of atoms vibrating at various frequencies. The energy of your happiness has a frequency too. Those living with ease and grace give off a certain quality that attracts others. And those carrying deep sadness are easy to spot too. Why do we get so affected?

Do you remember those office desktop toys in the 70s?

‘Newton’s Cradle’, I believe they were called. Metal balls suspended from a metal frame, all hanging at equal lengths, and if you pick the one on the end to swing and hit the rest it sets them all off in motion. At first it is chaos: balls clanging everywhere, fast and slow but very soon you know that it becomes synchronised until all the balls are swinging together in exactly same time. This phenomenon is called entrainment.

The reason I mention it is that energy may change its frequency, according to the movement of objects around it.
If this is true for all matter and all energy is matter, then our frequency of happiness and gratitude can create change around us as other frequencies alter to fit it. Good News! If we use it right.

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