State of Grace

Deciding to experience gratitude may seem a strange thing to do. If you have to make a decision to do it, perhaps you feel it’s going to be fake? The thing is, the brain does not know the difference between real and fake in this sense. Studies have shown that experiencing fear from a movie, for example, produces the same response in the brain, as if it were a real event you were experiencing.

Doesn’t it make sense that we should create feelings of gratitude in order to change our environment? You know what happens when you ‘get out of bed on the wrong side’! Everything seems to go wrong after that. If you’re in a bad mood, you attract moody people and things just don’t go so well. And on a good day, when you feel in the flow of life, you just know – all is well. You feel light and clear. You could call it a state of grace.

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