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Ugh! Self-Sabotage

I recently gave a talk on 3 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage, and it went well. It was on Zoom, with a slide presentation. Nothing unusual or amazing about

What's driving you

What’s Driving You?

What is driving you? Sometimes we can act in ways that take us by surprise. Perhaps something triggers you and you wonder, as you look


Gratitude and Grace

It’s a rainy grey day. Again. We’ve seen so much rain and thoughts of climate change are always lurking. Everything seems permanently damp and there’s

happy woman

What Makes You Happy?

If you ever meditate, enjoy a sport, get lost in a book or a film, you know what it feels like to be totally immersed

Energy desk toy

Everything is Energy!

Everything!- You, me, the chair you sit on, the table, -all composed of atoms vibrating at various frequencies. The energy of your happiness has a


State of Grace

Deciding to experience gratitude may seem a strange thing to do. If you have to make a decision to do it, perhaps you feel it’s


Zooming Out!

Perhaps you find it a struggle to get from a feeling of dissatisfaction to gratitude… which would make you quite normal. But if you do,

Law of Attraction

LOA – what’s that?

They say if you write down three things that you are grateful for every day, you will literally change your brain. The neural pathways will

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