What’s Driving You?

What is driving you?

Sometimes we can act in ways that take us by surprise.

Perhaps something triggers you and you wonder, as you look back at the event, why did I get so angry?

Sometimes you might feel inexplicably sad when you hear a piece of music or smell a certain fragrance. The brain is such a powerful computer and takes a ‘snapshot’ of every component within your traumatic memory. The colours, the weather, objects around, smells, sounds, people – and when a situation occurs later in life that is recognised as being from one of these snapshots, it makes a quick connection to it for you to be able to act accordingly.

This may mean that you are saved from doing something painful as your brain signals danger, only on this occasion it might be a perfectly innocuous situation and yet your body still goes into full on flight/fright/panic. Not helpful!

Like standing up to give a speech as an adult, then suddenly being taken over by the fear of being laughed at – because that once happened to you at the age of 6.

The good news is, we can re-wire the brain so that it doesn’t sabotage our efforts when we need to lead a normal life.

I often use the analogy of a man who was in a bad car accident, and the woman that came running to help happened to be wearing a red coat. From then, that colour was locked into his brain to signal danger, fear, accident, death, stay away, etc. He had no idea why in later life the colour red would make him feel panicky and sick. The brain had carefully stored away the visual of that red colour, along with the fear and physiological accompanying symptoms to be reproduced when alerted. Of course, the purpose of the system here is protection from harm, but it can be a little overzealous.


Another example is that of a confident, successful guy who only recently just couldn’t get in the ski lift, and his claustrophobia got worse and worse. Turns out that there was a story from his past that he did not even know he remembered, until his session with me!

He was aged about 7 and at school, when his friends decided to play ‘pile-up’ – that game where you jump on top of one another in a big pile. He found himself at the very bottom, unable to breathe. He was begging his best friend who was right on top of him for help, trying to say that he couldn’t breathe…but no words came out, and he thought he was going to die…

We worked successfully to undo this fear and reset the brain, so that this chap could go on holiday or get in a ski lift or any life without worry. He knew that the fear was from the past and just stuck in a loop in his brain.



If you want to get to the root and stop the loop of frustrating feelings and emotions, I have quick and efficient tools that will really make a difference to your life.

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